1xbet payment offer in India Cash on delivery option

Anand Sharma
21. October 2020

Our expert team from Betting-India.pro now brought very interesting news on unique offer for our Indian readers i.e. 1xbet deposit offer. 1xbet COD method i.e. 1 x bet cash on the delivery deposit method in India. It is a unique deposit method among the online betting sites in India.

It is a very easy to deposit option and free from all the payment hassle and free from all the legal regulations in India. In precise, 1x bet cash on delivery method is depositing into your account card less or via cash to hand. Do you want to know how?  So, let us go and check out.

bonus of 1xbet

1xBet cash on delivery

1xbet cash on delivery is the delivery boy who collects the cash from the 1xbet users. He plays a key role in this process in this method. As he is the one you will meet at your doorstep while utilising this deposit process.

In the below will take you to this method eligibility, 1xbet cod deposit requirements and conditions etc. You can always check how the 1xbet login works in India with the help of app or even the PC version too.

1xBet COD deposit method eligibility

To be qualified for the 1xbet cash on delivery method, you need to be hailing from the below 7 cities in India, as they offer this service currently only to the following 7 cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai.

We hope they soon expand this revolutionary concept to the other big cities in India also. You need to register first for the 1xbet account. Once you are registered, you can use this method from your first deposit itself.

But for that, you need to verify your KYC requirements as well. You can use this service to gain the 1xbet bonus offer from your first deposit. You can only use this service for deposit and not for withdrawals.

  • Name of the service: 1xBet Cash On Delivery
  • Minimum Amount: 8000INR
  • Processing Time: 8hrs
  • Fees: No Charges
  • Cities: 7

Once you are registered with the bookie, please go to the deposit section and choose the cod method. You will be redirected to a page wherein you must input your name, surname, email, phone number (which is very important*), city,  postcode, address.

*Phone number is very important because you will receive a code once you submit the request. 1xMan will make a call on your phone to confirm your deposit and also once he is near to your address. You should not try to influence, or bribe, or bargain, or threaten him, which may lead to the removal of your account and other legal issues.


Before you start this deposit, if you would like to know about the bookie, their offers, their influence on the online betting market in India and other deposit methods, you can check for the 1xbet review. This unique offer is a huge plus considering the legal regulations in India since through this offer you are not bound to any.

Even the 1xMan will not provide you with any receipt or voucher once he collects the money. You should wait for 8hrs from the collection by the 1xbet personnel. If by any case you cannot view them after 8hrs also. Just confirm your order ID and transaction details that you have got and the customer team will deal with it asap.

we hope this is one of the best deposit methods for 2019 till now and waiting for more bookies to come up with such unique methods to make it easy for the users. see you again with much more latest news in the next one. Keep checking always for further more updates. Have Good bet punters!

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