Big Bash League 2020 New Match rules

Anand Sharma
17. November 2020

Big Bash League 2020 is the next big thing in the cricketing world. Since IPL 2020 is over not only that the Indian Premier league gave a lot of scope for other cricket leagues to hold the events in a certain way. BBL2020 is the 10th season of the league which got introduced in 2011. It’s a super hit in Australia most of the international players star in it too. This article is all about the new rules that are in force for this BBL 10 which starts from 10.12.2020. All the bookmakers in India get ready for this exciting league with new rules.

Big Bash League new rules 2020

CPL, IPL, PSL are done, now it’s time for the super action i.e. the Big Bash League 2020. Three new rules that BBL introduced is the talk of town this week. Couple of weeks before the start of the tournament, the BBL committee has come up with some interesting rules to keep the T20 game running. The steps have been explained below. Before that check our online betting apps page to understand on which bookies provided the app version. One of the best app is currently the betway app, which has Kevin Pietersen as their brand ambassador.

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Three new rules in BBL10

  • Power Surge
  • Bash Boost
  • X-Factor

1. What is Power Surge?

The batting side will have 4 overs powerplay in the start of the innings and then decides when they can take the last 2 overs powerplay from 11th over according to their game. It is called Power Surge.

2. What is Bash Boost?

There will be 4 points for a match, 3 points for the winning team but the other 1 point is the bash boost. The bash boost point is for the risk takers. Whichever team is better off than the equivalent score after 10th over. The team will get the bash boost point. It’s exciting to watch out for.

3. What is X-Factor?

Every team will chose 11 players squad along with 2 extra players and after 10th over they can replace either of the 2 extra players as an X-factor for a player who hasn’t batted or bowled multiple overs.

Our Word: New rules, New energy

Yes, there is a lot of negative reviews for this rules, but it’s the same super over or bowl out or the hundred balls tournament. Understand the slogan, first they criticise, then they realise and then they follow. If Cricket has to be expanded then it needs to be simplified. Cricket has to be extended to further countries.

We want to see these new rules no matter what and also see the chances of batting team taking risks and scoring higher and keep the fans entertained. The betting sites in India started changing their outright winner odds, with this move by BBL the prediction gets more difficult to know which team would win but surely it gives the chances for the bookies to come up with much interesting odds.

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