Betway India build your own bet offer

Anand Sharma
13. February 2020

Hi there! Having fun in the betting world? No, then what are you waiting for? There is a lot of action happening out there on the field. Do the betway login and catch all the action. There are so many series going on in every game. Especially in the field of football, you must have been playing the conventional way of betting on the preset rates or stakes provided by the top bookies in India. Now there is more to it. You can customize your bet. The betway bookie has been back with its amazing build your own bet for the football sport. Let’s go and check out about the build your own bet fixtures and much more info.

Betway Football – build your own bet

build your bet football

You must play with a trusted platform that will provide you with good offers like betway offers. If you are a newcomer to the game of betting you can avail the betway bonus on welcome. There are also deposit offers in the market. You can bet for more than what you bet for. They give bonus points on the amount you deposit, so the more you deposit the more you get. Also if you are a VIP or a loyal member then you can get other facilities only.

Build Your Own Bet – Betway promotion

So there is a new type of betting where you can create your bet. Yes, you heard it right! You can select stakes and do mix and match to form a new bet that suits you. For this, you must be a member of the betway app betting portal. This facility is available in football at the moment. So choose football to get started. Then, select the game that you would like to place your bet on. After that; “click bet your way” tab. Under this, you will get an option that says “Build your own”. Using this you can make a new stake that does not already exist in the list.

Our Word

You can make up to ten selections of your choice at the same time with the minimum being two at least. The value will be auto-generated as per the site. But here also you have an option, you can change the value of stake and decide the amount you would like to invest in the bet. Be careful that there are a few stakes that cannot be used under his scheme. Choose wisely, your successfully placed bet will reflect under open bets.

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