10% cash back bonus by 1xbet sports

Anand Sharma
4. June 2021

1xbet is one of the leading sports betting sites in India. Bettors interested in betting and earning money should consider placing their bets via 1xbet. One of the main reasons why so many bettors are using 1xbet is the wide availability of sports betting bonuses.

The cashback bonus is available in the cashback tab. If you want to access the benefits, you can check out 1xbet India. The 10% cashback bonus offer is applicable from 15.05.2021 to 15.06.2021. Within a span of one month, the individuals can make the most of the cashback bonus.

Info on 10% Cashback bonus offer

Unlike other rules, only the registered customers will be able to take part in the 10% cashback bonus offer by 1xbet India. If you are a new bettor you will need to ensure that all your contact details are accurately inserted for a faster offer.

Depending on the eligibility, you will be eligible for receiving cashback once a day. The deposit needs to be made 24 hours before accessing the system. Furthermore, it is also necessary to ensure that the particular payment system is liable for making promotions.

The cashback will be given in the form of a 1xbet promo code.

How to get bonus through 1xbet App

Once you do the 1xbet login from the app, you will be eligible for getting different cashback and bonus offers. However, the bettor needs to comply with the rules of the 1xbet app.

The 1xbet download is available on iOS and Android platforms. Once the customer has deposited 1xbet, they will be eligible for getting the promo code within 24 hours. However, if the promo code isn’t redeemed in the given time period, it will be considered invalid or void.

The void bets will not be applicable. However, all the bonuses will be distributed in the My Account.

Cashback bonus terms and conditions

As per the official terms and conditions, 1xbet has all the rights for bringing changes in the records and transactions. Moreover, customers who want to renew the offer will need to get in touch with 1xbet itself. They can also revoke the offer.

The customers eligible for the offer need to submit all the documents accurately. It is necessary to develop the validation of KYC to get accurate results. Furthermore, they can get the bonuses and winnings accordingly. If any fraudulent activity is found the company can eventually cancel the subscription and also freeze accounts of the respective balance.

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