Dafabet Welcome offer increased to 15000INR

Anand Sharma
5. February 2020

With the cricket season catching up why don’t you make the most of it? Have you tried betting on a cricket match? It is fun; you get to enjoy the excitement of the game without actually going on to the field. Many bookmakers in India offer betting platforms for various games. The hottest piece of cake; being Cricket. All you will need to do is become a member of one of the premium sites like Dafabet online, and you can play from wherever you wish. You do not become a couch potato rather you can be mobile and go any place you want, while still playing regularly.

Dafabet increased 5k welcome offer

Even if you are a new player there is a lot in store for you. Firstly the good news is that the joining Dafabet welcome bonus has been increased from INR10,000 to INR15,000. So we think there is no better time to join than now. Also once you become a VIP member you can choose from various schemes. There is much lucrative Dafabet deposit bonus to choose from too. All you have to do is become a member and start enjoying all these offers.

More Dafabet betting offers

Have you ever heard that you get money when you don’t win? Yes, you got it right there is a cashback of up to 10% weekly a cashback as much as INR 11,000 even when you lose a bet. Isn’t it cool! You don’t have to be Richie – rich to play these games the minimum deposit that is accepted is INR 1,000. So even with a small investment and a bit of luck, you can win big. Once you start winning it just goes on and on. You can multiply your investment through Dafabet mobile. Be it through winning bets of by availing the interesting bonus offers.


Interestingly these betting sites offer a wide variety of games to choose from not only field games; but also virtual games. So if cricket is not your cup of tea then go for Ice hockey, Football or maybe a virtual spy game. It is entirely up to you. Once a member there are no restrictions regarding choosing a game of your choice. You can lay multiple bets too, all you need is money. Best of luck lads!

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