Best Online Bookmakers in India

Best Online Bookmakers in India

Our users are not left alone to search and to choose which online bookmaker is the best for them. Because we are here for them to show the top bookies from the present scenario in the Indian online betting bookmaker market, from all the genuine bookie tests that we conduct based on our principles.

Whatever your query be as follows:

  • Searching the best bookmaker
  • New bookie in India
  • The new betting bonus deals related to online bookmakers



Very Good
  • Dual user interface and website view
  • Deposit and withdrawal options
  • Available in the Hindi language


Very Good
  • Best reliable bookmaker
  • Wide range of sporting events
  • Live stream option


Very Good
  • Huge first deposit bonus
  • 126 deposit options
  • 6 odds format


Very Good
  • Hindi customer support
  • Payment opportunities
  • Focused more on India


Very Good
  • Almost 40 sporting events
  • 58 deposit options
  • Huge welcome bonus


Very Good
  • Accept INR
  • Great bonus for Indian customers
  • Wide betting events


Very Good
  • Accept INR
  • Great bonus for Indian customers
  • Available in 14 Languages


Very Good
  • Accept INR
  • Great bonus for Indian customers
  • Wide betting events


Very Good
  • Accepts Indian customers
  • upto 8000INR bonus for Indian customers
  • Bookie allows INR currency

Royal Panda

Very Good
  • Dual user interface and website view
  • Accept Indian customers
  • Good Indian bonus offer


  • Huge welcome offer
  • Accepts INR Currency
  • Almost 50 betting events


  • Most trusted bookmaker
  • Expert customer support services
  • Wide range of sports and events


  • Accept Indian customers
  • Huge Welcome bonus offer
  • Doesn't accept INR currency


  • Good welcome offer
  • Accepts INR Currency
  • Wide range of betting events


  • Reliable bookmaker
  • Good new customer offer
  • Live stream option


  • Most recent bookmaker
  • Special Promotions in Indian Market
  • Wide range of betting events


  • Dual sportsbook layout
  • Almost 35 betting events
  • Accepts Indian currency

  • Bet with bitcoins
  • 300% bonus for punters
  • Wide range of cricket betting events


The road to finding the #1 bookmaker?

If you want to sort out the confusion on which bookie to choose from all the bookies in India, in the end, you are at the right place for you to learn everything about bookie betting in India.

Please allow us to help and take you through the vast and unique experience on betting at our page. Here you can find complete information related to the list of top bookmakers operating in India. The bookmaker numbers are growing rapidly, considering the 150$ billion/year business for the illegal betting market in India.

In India, the bookie’s appear online, the bookie betting is done just in online and yes, it’s increasing rampantly, the numbers of punters are at triple-fold compared to the last ten years. Bookmakers comparison analysis is also done on the user experience and feedback from the experienced punter’s review of the different online bookmakers in India.

The sports bookie comparison tests we do are on our principles that we mentioned like 100% transparent and our objective is only to bring the best user experience from our side and our team at the page.

One of the best is for sure bet365 and to get this bonus you have to: Open an account and make a qualifying deposit and you will qualify for 15% of that amount in Bet Credits (up to $60) when you place qualifying bets to the same value of 12 times your qualifying deposit and they are settled.”


What are the factors that we consider to compare the list of online bookies operating in India?

The comparison is done based on all aspects, the factors which you think simple and common for every online bookmaker, are also considered by us to provide you with the best feel and experience through the betting market in India. we take the factors from the initial stage as follows:

1. Registration

We rank the best online bookies based on how simple and authentic process the bookmakers follow to let the users create an account provided their details are secured and safe. Let’s start from the beginning. For example, you are interested in a bookmaker and you want to quickly place your first bet with them. So you need to do a one-time registration for you to be eligible to play the bet with that bookmaker.

The first thing you want is that the account is registered and verified in no time, so you would like to start placing the bet. The top online bookmakers offer the classic option of ‘sign up’. By clicking you will be redirected to the page, click on “register” box and start with the process in which you gradually give your personal information and then end with a password to complete the Registration set-up.

After that, you have to click on the confirmation email and should confirm your betting account final activation process. This process seems so long but it is good to keep your account legitimate and safe. The best ones demand only the most essential personal information needed for you to start the betting.

In some cases, you need to register via Paypal with a bookmaker. We discuss Paypal on the payments tab page. This can not only be used to bring money into your betting account, but you can also use it to register you. With this, your information is already with the respective wallet operator. You can directly do the betting transaction through that e-wallet.

Many online bookmakers also offer you the option to register via a Facebook account or Whatsapp with your mobile number, these offers are even rarer than Paypal. In our opinion, in the future, it will increase more and more. Finally, we also find it important to mention that a full identity check is something we consider important.

Because you have not only registered your betting account and also you proved your identity so you avoid any disconnection or hold of the transactions or in-play betting options. Many bookmakers pay winnings until you have verified your betting account. With this, you are on the safe side and can pay off even with a high profit. That’s why we always pay attention to whether bookies require verification. Expect a lot before the first deposit, most people check out before the first payout.


2. Deposit

A deposit is essential for a bookmaker once you are registered, The bookmaker will make you eligible for transactions payout once he confirms your KYC details. As soon as he does that you can start doing the deposits. The average punters will always have a closer look at the bonus Tab to check for a bonus on their first deposit.

Almost all the top bookmakers provide the bonus on first deposit or say welcome bonus to their new users. Keep an eye out for that offer. As a rule, if a bonus is offered, it will usually be doubled if a certain amount is paid by you.

In the ​​”Bonus” page, we will have a closer look at this topic. The deposit itself is otherwise not that complicated. At the end of the day, it is all dependent on what the bookmaker offers you. Of course, a good bookie should offer even more options.

We also include various credit cards, Neteller and Skrill. In the meantime, bookies have come on the market, which allow a deposit via Bitcoin. In India, the deposit options differ as there is a regulation on the bank payments directly into the bookmaker’s account.

Punters have to use the e-wallet or other payments provider similar to the e-wallet options, to deposit money from India. Although the bookmakers are generous to accept payments with Indian rupees and made the bank payment options open for Indian users. The trails of the punters are in vain as the payment gateway blocks any payment to the betting sites or their linked banks.


3. Welcome Bonus

Bonuses and offers help punters to maximize winnings and minimize losses, making them hugely appealing. The best betting sites will offer a generous welcome bonus, as well as ongoing promotions for existing customers, including price boosts and accumulator insurance. We take into account all the bookmakers that offer different bonus option for different customers in each category. Say the VIP Program for the loyal customers has raked in a lot of numbers for the Top bookmakers to keep their trusted customers always engaging and to play constantly.

Bonus always boost up the betting market. The bonus offers like 3x bonus amount, 5x bonus amount, profit boost, free bets, welcome bonus, minimum odds, Increased-odds, special bonus code. Bookmakers are giving a high look into this category as this is what makes the Indian users to Hang on and be loyal to their bookmakers the bonus and promotion code that the respective bookmaker’s offer.

After all, everyone wants the Huge returns with less deposit. The ability to attract and to keep the users engaged is always the key and driving force to remain as the Top bookmaker.

When it comes to betting, we are actually at our best to help the punters. We guide them to make the best from the information that we provide on the offers, promotions, odds and bonuses that the top bookmaker offer in respect to the start of the match, or during the match.

We always strive to bring the best offers among the list of online bookmakers which helps the punter to be aware of how they should play and also what strategies are to be taken care of. It must also be said that many punters are only looking for the next bonus offers from their respective online bookmakers. We are not against that strategy, therefore we also evaluate the various bonus offers.

But the one who wants to bet is looking for the bookmaker that offers the best offer and has the best odds at the start. Since there is a wide gap between good odds and best odds. Very few sports bookie always has the best odds before the start of an event. If you know that you would like to bet mainly on football, we can show you a list of the most suitable betting providers.

You are interested in cricket and looking forward to the upcoming ICC tournaments? Again, there are specialists. The bonus is one of our favourite topics for the reason that in many cases the bonus is the main reason for someone to register, deposit and bet with a bookmaker. But that’s exactly where the danger lies. A bonus is usually tempting. All you have to do is register and deposit a certain amount of money, and on top of that, there is up to 100% of the deposit in the form of a bonus gift.

Deposit 1000INR collect another 1000INR? More, The untrained brain screams for immediate slamming. But at the end of the day, it’s better to breathe, think, and take a moment to pay attention to the fine print. Because the bookmakers know what they do, rarely there is something just as a gift and above all, there are always certain sales conditions that you must meet before you can pay the money you have given.

So if you get the full amount for the offer “100% to 1000 INR bonus for a deposit of 1000INR, you have to pay attention to what the terms and conditions reveal. Here you will find information that might sound like this, “the deposit amount and the bonus amount must be used after receipt within 30 days five times in sports betting.

It is also important to note the minimum quotas. If you do not convert the bonus during this period, all previously gained winnings from bonus money and the bonus amount expire.” Reads less well. Many players without prior knowledge and experience fall into the trap and get a fat bonus, but do not pay attention to the fact that some sales conditions should be considered.


4. Payout

When it comes to Payments there are divided into two, depositing and withdrawing cash, your bookmaker should make a no.of methods of banking available, whilst processing transactions quickly and without any fee from his side, irrespective of the third party transfer charges. The user’s trust can be gained by being fair and transparent during this phase.

The bookmaker’s whose payment options are fair, easy to walk in and walk out provided keeping the user account and access secure will always get to have the loyal users. Providers of the best Payment options can be an outcome of reviewing the customer experience, feedback and their withdrawal and deposit improvement suggestions.

The bookmakers should always keep an ear to the customer requests during the payments phase because of the volatile changes in the betting odds/evens could result in their chances of winning. The users don’t want to get their deposit/withdrawals struck with the third party or in the process even after providing every detail for the KYC confirmation.

The third-party services like Neteller, skrill etc are the most used services for betting activities considering the legal regulations for betting in India. The common bank payments are prohibited and would be blocked if the payments are said to be done through the general bank payment gateway and it’s considered illegal as well. All the punters use the third-party service providers and also their transaction fee is minimum and they provide much easier user access with good customer support for the queries.

The case of payment to a bookmaker has been previously addressed briefly in the chapter “Deposit”. Now we focus on the payout. After all, what is more, important to a bookmaker than winning and having his winnings paid out? But it’s not always that easy. Of course, it also depends on the bookmaker you bet on. We have already experienced everything.

Bookies that make payments without complete verification of your data, bookmakers who only confirm the payout after document upload, or who do not pay bookies who simply do anything to pay. If you make a profit of 30 euros, you will usually have no problems. But sometimes even for such small amounts, you may have to fight for your money.

The sports bookies, who are not among the most serious, will first ask for a document upload from you. Normally this is a copy. If that is not enough, then they also like to ask for a bank statement, which clearly shows that the betting account owner and bank account owner are the same people.

If that is not enough, there is still a chance of asking to produce the other verification documents. But, if you register correctly and with true information, you should not have any problems. Some bookmakers are dubious when it comes to paying big winnings, and they’re doing everything they can to stop you from getting your money. In such cases, you may not get your money, you can also contact us. We are in regular contact with almost all bookmakers and can try to help you get your money.

But we do not want to spread panic here and pretend that all bookmakers are criminals. That’s not how it is again. There are plenty of bookmakers sites where serious and regular work is done and where you do not have to worry about not getting your money back at the end of the day. Of course, the prerequisite for this is that you have registered yourself truthfully and have not made false statements. If you play fair, the good bookmakers play fair with you and do not put unnecessary obstacles in your way.


5. Mobile App

The Mobile App revolution changed the dynamics of online betting, people now don’t have to sit in front of their PC or laptops and play betting. This generation has the option and blessing of playing the betting just from their finger-tips. Almost all the top bookmakers have made it accessible for every feature on the browser to be present in the APP as well. Not only that, you can get every app in two forms, either in android and ios versions as well.

The android users are more than ios app users for Indian online betting apps, still, most of the online bookmakers release their ios apps because of the no.of ios users in India. For example, Even 10% ios users of the 10,00,000 app users in India is a big number to take that risk on. Bookmakers operating in India, competing to provide almost all the services on the website in the apps to maintain the competitive edge over their rivals to concrete their market share and market position in the betting industry in India.

Is the particular bookmaker also an app users-friendly bookmaker? How good is the app for the users to access? How fast and how well updated is the bookmaker’s app? We can only tell you, that the betway App is one of the best if you’re comparing the bookie app market.

All these are measured and analyzed. Nothing works today without your app or an optimized offer for your mobile phone or tablet. Not just in sports betting, but in all facets of everyday life. Online banking via the app, shopping on the mobile phone, paying bills via a tablet. If you do not have a mobile offer, you will not be able to survive in the long term because you will look for alternatives. Bookmakers know this of course and that is why a good bookmaker usually has its sports betting app for all major operating systems. We are talking about Android and iOS, the two most popular mobile operating systems.

However, it is difficult to say how important it is to offer a specially developed app. Because if the offer is also usable on mobiles, we do not necessarily have to give it an app. But we can not speak for you there. You prefer an app and want to get into your betting account with just one click on your screen? Then an app is probably interesting for you. But you should not forget the function of the “add to screen” here. This is not an app, but that you promote the offer of the betting provider on a special function on the screen and then use it as an app.

The advantage of not using your app is the following: You do not use a mobile phone memory, you do not have to update the app constantly and you can use the same advantages without the disadvantages of using the add to screen function. All this does not matter if you want to have an app. As an iOS user, it’s easy. You choose a bookmaker and search the iTunes Store for the app you want to download. It gets a little bit more complicated for Android users.

Because Google does not allow betting apps to be offered in the Google Play Store. Therefore, you have to go a little detour and you first download the apk.-file of the bookies. Then in your settings on “access of unknown data” allow, then download the apk-file and install the app. After that, everything runs as usual. Finally, not every bookmaker offers an app, but nowadays everyone has an optimized mobile offer for you. You just decide how important an app is to you and if you can live with a bookie that does not offer its sportsbook app.


6. Customer Support

A very important topic for a bookmaker is customer support and help, You forgot your password, your username or whatever. Good and fast response from the bookmaker customer support is crucial these days. Especially when things need to be done quickly or when it comes to quick bonus bets. You have paid 100 euros and the money does not appear on the betting account? Contact the support as soon as possible. You have questions about bonus, then do the same.

Of course, we also try to answer all your questions in advance, for example, when it comes to bonus sales. But some cases are very specific, where we can do nothing and where the bookmaker is in demand. In our opinion, the best and fastest option is to help your customers through live chat. Because in a few moments in live chat, you can connect with someone who knows how to help you, no matter what your problem is.

The support team is usually well-trained and knows which levers to use to resolve the situation. And with live chat, we think it’s best and fastest. Many prefer a hotline that can be reached around the clock. We also think it’s good that only in the rarest of cases is this possible around the clock, especially since not every bookmaker offers a teleservice. Besides, there is often the possibility to contact the bookmaker by mail. This needs a little patience because the answer via mail can be quite a few hours waiting.

Not to mention the FAQ area of the bookmaker. Where you will find a collection of the most common questions and answers. Many problems or concerns can already be answered by looking at the FAQ section. So first take a look at this, before you turn directly to the support. With the FAQ answers, it can often be faster than when you write an email and wait for the answer. Of course, we think it’s best if a bookmaker offers all the options.

Coming to the other, the customer service is the main in the analysis that we do, because, from the user point of view, he expects a fast and relevant service from customer support. Although most queries are common and sorted by almost all the bookmakers the same way.

But the crucial points and the punter attractive things are:

  1. The swift response.
  2. Immediate Problem Solving.
  3. Attention to the problem and ways of sorting the problem.
  4. Guarantee for compensation in-case of money or transaction dealings.

Because in Betting the margin changes in nanoseconds or less and the user can’t afford any sort of interruption and miscommunication in between his transactions or slow run of the bookmaker software.


7. Odds

Betting odds represent the probability of an event to happen and therefore enable you to work out how much money you will win if your bet wins. Odds are in our opinion something for connoisseurs. odds usually appear in decimals or fractions. With simple mathematics & calculations, you can be clear with all sorts of odds. To understand the odds, first, you need to know what is the probability. Probability is to predict the outcome of a certain event, and if your prediction is correct, you will win money. For any given event, there are a certain number of outcomes. Take rolling dice for instance. If someone rolls a dice, there are six possible outcomes. If you happen to predict the correct outcome that is the example of probability. It is not always possible to choose the best odds among the bookies. But then, we can estimate which bookie is good through its relative conditions.

Factors that deal with odds are:

  • Team formation
  • Home advantage
  • Toss winner
  • Team Update
  • Other factors: Internal matters, fatigue, pressure, motivation etc.

Every factor and more will obviously impact the game and in turn the odds. So, it is better to follow the statistics and also the factors stated above before you chose the best odds from the bookie.


8. Promotions

Bets without deposit is a free bet offer and it is trending in the current scenario. As a rule, you need to be registered only with this bookie in specific and would be eligible for the free bet. You need to focus on the odds, the form of the bets and necessary conditions specified on this offer as you cannot pay this outright way. You need to take care of the turnover conditions. You can just identify how good the particular bookmaker is.

Not all bookmakers look after their business and income, some bookmakers give users a fair share by providing the free bet offers. If you manage to win that, you will be the benefactor or you will lose the amount. That is the fair offer you got to play with the bookie who offers a fair share to the users. In the bookmaker comparison, we specified a separate tab to discuss this bookmaker.


9. License

Everyone wants to play with a safe and secure bookmaker who has all the necessary licenses. In we give you insights into the international licenses that each bookmaker possess. We would let you know in precise whether the international licenses are because of the punters help out. International licenses provide an added value to the bookmaker and its reputation. We do not refer you to bookmakers who do not meet the minimum standards. If it is one or two it is pretty easy for you to analyse but with growing bookies around the online betting market. International licenses would fill the gap of the secure bookmaker among the bookies online.

We show you only the most important bookmakers with International license status. As you can see, there are the big players: Bet365, 1xBet, Betway, 10Cric etc. all of these have been very well known to the punters, but not many are aware of the international licenses and their impact on the bookmakers. Each bookmaker has to follow some standards, regulations to attain these licenses based on their place and origin and the functioning of the bookmaker. Go through our International licenses section and the more the bookmaker the more trustworthy the bookmaker tends to be. International license section is also one of the strong points in our bookmaker comparison page.


10. Betting Options

Live betting | In-Play betting | In-running Betting is predominantly an online activity with bets being made via the internet using either a betting exchange or a traditional bookmaker’s website. The Technology revolution is changing the phase of the betting. Online betting overturning betting over the shops. The live betting platform can be via a PC or a Mobile App. Not only the user even bookmakers also play the game but a different one, it’s for attracting the users compared to their competitors. The best bookmaker is the one who can attract the users with their unique design, user access, security and customer service. The race among the bookmakers is to keep their users entertained and engaging.

So, the bookmakers are always on the research to improve the user’s real-time experience on the website. They have to keep on upgrading the software, designs, features and mainly the easy-access. No one will be loyal to the bookmaker who offers service with slow software. The best bookmaker tries to attract his user’s from the first look at their website itself. Live betting is a very easy option to use for the punters they can operate at their finger-tips and change their options and play as they like. This platform helps them to escape from the clutches of the money launders at the betting shops and it helps them to track their playing strategy.

The PC users or Mobile App users of any version and also any OS is liking the concept of Live Betting Platform because, before the start of the match or a sports event there might not be so many options for them to bet on. But during the play, there will be a lot of betting options that unfold. So, the users can take advantage of this and either increase their profit returns or decrease their loss if they had already done the damage. Live betting is a blessing to the punters, as whatever the outcome of the game, it doesn’t matter because the bookmakers offer a different type of betting options during the game.

For example, In cricket, before the match, there will be mostly 3 options in common by every bookmaker. The win-loss ratio, the man of the match predictor, highest wicket-taker or highest run-scorer and a couple of more in some cases. But during the match, there will be instant pop-up betting options like no.of boundaries in the over, no.of sixes in the next over, wicket-taking chances in the next over. The possibilities of betting options are endless. Just think if it’s a world record-breaking match and you are supposedly doing live betting what are the possibilities of you being rich by the night goes by, it’s endless provided you choose the right one.