India vs New Zealand 1st Test match odds comparison

20. February 2020

Have you analyzed your bet for the latest game in cricket? Yes, we are talking about the test series between New Zealand and India. It is going to be a two-match series, with the first one commencing on 21st February 2020. This test series is following an ODI series which India lost badly. New Zealand played well in that series and won all the three matches and secured a big win. You can follow the test series on any of the premium bookmakers in India. You can choose from a few like 10cric India or Betway India. You can choose to become a member of one or more sites at the same time and make the most out of betting with online bookmakers. Continue reading “India vs New Zealand 1st Test match odds comparison”

India Vs New Zealand 1st Test odds on 1xbet vs Melbet

19. February 2020

Having fun in sports betting in India? Get more out of it. Become a member of 1xBet India or Melbet India etc.. You can become a member of more than one site at the same time. As you know the latest series in cricket is being played between New Zealand and India test series. There are going to be two matches only. So it can be a win-win for anyone or equal chances for a draw. The team that played in the ODI is a little different than that for the test series format. You must log in to check out the details. Continue reading “India Vs New Zealand 1st Test odds on 1xbet vs Melbet”

Unibet India vs New Zealand 1st Test 20.02.2020

17. February 2020

Recent India vs Newzealand series has been quite interesting for the sports fans, betting enthusiasts and also in the cricket circles. The bookmakers in India has been minting money and raked in huge shares for the T20 series and ODI series. The renowned bookmakers like Unibet India have also got their handsful from the opportunity. Continuing the strategy, the Unibet bookie has come up with betting events for the 1st test match between India vs Nz. Continue reading “Unibet India vs New Zealand 1st Test 20.02.2020”

10Cric India telegram exclusive free bet offer

17. February 2020

Hi, there have been active in the betting game! Then this is the right time to make more out of it. Come on and join a premium site like 10Cric bookmaker to get an astonishing offer. All you have to do is complete a 10Cric app download and install. Then get betting, there is much 10Cric bonus code which gives you more than what you invest. But today we are going to inform you about the awesome offer of subscribing to a new Telegram Channel. Yes, you got it right, just subscribe and get extra bet. Continue reading “10Cric India telegram exclusive free bet offer”

Melbet’s 2nd T20I events South Africa vs England

14. February 2020

Hey guys and gals, up for something are thrilling! You must follow the cricket twenty series going on between South Africa and England. There are a total of three matches. One has been in favour of South Africa. Next, you never know. So come on and get betting with Melbet India. They are among one of the premium bookies in India. You can play a pre- bet or play a live bet. If you are a new bee in this line then there are different types of Melbet bonus code for you as a welcome gift. Continue reading “Melbet’s 2nd T20I events South Africa vs England”

Betway’s build your own bet offer

13. February 2020

Hi there! Having fun in the betting world? No, then what are you waiting for? There is a lot of action happening out there on the field. Logon to Betway India and catch all the action. There are so many series going on in every game. Especially in the field of football, you must have been playing the conventional way of betting on the preset rates or stakes provided by the top bookies in India. Now there is more to it. You can customize your bet. The betway bookie has been back with its amazing build your own bet for the football sport. Let’s go and check out about the build your own bet fixtures and much more info. Continue reading “Betway’s build your own bet offer”

South Africa vs England 1st T20I 12.02.20

12. February 2020

Betway sports in India is back with the boundary money back offer. This time the offer is for not for one or two matches but for 6 matches in the span of two weeks. Betway the oldest bookie in the town is back with its spellbound offer for the Indian punters. Let’s go and check in the below article about the betway boundary money back offer and the fixtures included in this offer. Check in the below. Continue reading “South Africa vs England 1st T20I 12.02.20”

888sport 5$ free bet offer every day

11. February 2020

Have you tried betting with online bookmakers in India? 888sport India and many more trusted sites allow you to play and gain big. But please make sure that you choose a premium site and not a fraud one. Be wise when you choose. The below article is all about a passionate bookie offer, which has come high in the ranks with this free bet offer. In the below, the free bet 5$ offer feature and much more info have been discussed in a clear way. So, let’s go and check the article. Continue reading “888sport 5$ free bet offer every day”

Unibet early bird refund offer

8. February 2020

Hi there! Looking around for something cool to do? Why don’t you try betting with online bookmakers? All you will have to do is start by downloading the Unibet sports app and get started. You should always play with a sportsmanship spirit, on-field or off it. But yes play with trusted sites only as there are many frauds out there lurking at your hard-earned money. The below article is all about the Unibet bookie offer about the first goalscorer and the offer is valid till 30 June 2020. Let’s go and find the Unibet new bonus offer terms and conditions and much more info.

Continue reading “Unibet early bird refund offer”