Winner FT India or WI – 10Cric bets on 18.12.2019

Anand Sharma
18. December 2019

The 10Cric prematch or live bets odds ratio is always amazing. For the exciting and the nail-biting match happened a couple of days again between the two teams. India got a surprise defeat from the visitors. Nonetheless, the men in blue will be roaring to show their dominance and the visitors would love to repeat what happened in the 1st ODI. Punters are cashing in the stakes which are sky-high for the 2nd ODI. Punters are trying to make the best use of the betting offers.

10Cric Odds for Ind vs WI 2nd ODI on 18th Dec 2019

10Cric Login is always up with a challenge always. For Ind vs WI 2nd ODI on 18th Dec 2019, the pre-match bets are quite high for the visitor’s team. Hope they could repeat what they did but its a new day and it will be a new challenge against this strong Indian team. 10Cric India is leaving no stone unturned to cash in the punter’s interest. It came with a pre-match bet to keep the viewers engaging nonetheless it might be bringing in more events during the live course of the match.
pre match bets for 18th dec 2019

Pre-Match Bets

Which Team Wins the 2nd ODI on 18.12.2019?

  • India wins – 1.3
  • WI wins – 3.35


Pre-match bets are as exciting no matter from what bookie they are. yes, of course, WI played at its best but there is no reason why India couldn’t beat WI in the 2nd ODI given its potential. Still WI all the odds at its favour to beat India at its home consecutively. The odds the 10Cric is offering is a bonus for both sides compared to the prematch bet odds for last game. WI has increased its stakes by their performance last night. Not only that, with 10Cric bonus there a lot of betting offers, you can check it out before you go for the pre-match bets. There are almost 7 pre-match bets which keep increasing as the time comes.

Our Word

Our expert view is to keep hunting and keep playing safe. No matter a live bet on a match day or a pre-match bet play with strategy and keep winning is our motive. The punters can make use of this pre-match bets and much more betting events for the game. There almost 5 events waiting for the punters before the match and will keep on increasing during the course of the match. The odds are good for both the teams. With 10Cric app, you can also play the pre-match bets.  To bet with either team is sheer your choice, but 10Cric is with you on whoever you decide with its brilliant odds. The India vs wi pre-match bets is expected to be sky-high considering the competitive battle between them in the recently concluded 1st ODI. So, punter gear up and start hunting in the bets.

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