Bons VIP Loyalty Program

Gayatri Sharma
16. September 2021

Indian cricket lovers have various online betting sites that offer their services. They need to do extensive research in order to evaluate which bookie gives them the best odds and also additional benefits. These additional benefits are bonuses and other promotional offers that attract and retain customers. In this article, we are going to discuss one such offer from a most recent and noteworthy sportsbook.

Bons is an international bookmaker that has a wide range of games and events. It came into existence in India in 2020, providing its 24×7 services. It has a vibrant website with smooth navigation. The website is very clearly categorized to ensure convenience to the users. The withdrawal process is very secured and fast. The player’s privacy is an important aspect for the bookie.

The bons bonus is very generous. The welcome bonus is what attracts customers the most. A minimum deposit of ₹2000 gives 200% in return. That is ₹5000 and has a validity of up to 720 hours. The VIP loyalty bonus program is what hooks the customers.

More about VIP Loyalty Program

This program completely depends on the status of the customer. The customers need to be very active in order to rank higher and claim higher amounts and bonuses. In order to check the validity, the sum of current and last 2 months is taken into account. Best indicators from 4 months are also considered. 100% of bet amount with real money and 10% bet amount with bonus funds is considered.

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Depending on the situation of the player, they have the benefits. For example, if the player is a novice with1 a time per month frequency, x6 return bet rolling out he will be given standard support with 100% of the amount of cashback deposited. Similarly, if he is a gold player, he will have VIP support and the Ultimate player has a personal manager. Once the bons login is done, more details of this program can be found under the promotions category.

Return of bets & Cashback

The return on the bet is accumulated by placing a bet from the original balance. The formula used for this is,

Return of bets = ((((Bets amount in kopecks / 100) *Return rate by position) +0.01) *Rate of the game)

Sports betting has a coefficient of 500%.

The players can get cashback from lost funds. The amount depends on his current ranking.  The formula used for this is,

Cashback = (Amount of money lost in the Casino section * Cashback amount according to the player’s position) + (Amount of money lost in the Games section (Cashback amount according to the player’s position) + (Amount of money lost in the Live Dealer section) ) * Cashback amount as per player status).

Bons VIP bons Terms & Conditions

  • The amount of decision is in hands of the bookie.
  • The refund is in no deposit form.
  • There is no withdrawal limit on the maximum bonus.
  • Bets below 0.1 odds are not considered for a refund.
  • Activate the deposit to claim a cashback bonus.
  • The bonus expires in 72 hours.
  • The Balance section shows both the refunded and cashback amounts.
  • Fraudulent accounts are closed and blocked.

Overview of Bons VIP Loyalty Program

A genuine active account is required to claim this bonus. The customers are ranked based on their activities and are provided with supports of different kinds like standard, VIP, and personal manager.

The maximum time for redemption is 72 hours. The bookie offers a secured transaction platform with the complete privacy of the player. It is a budding enterprise with a great number of customers.

About the author

Gayatri Sharma is an expert and lover of Indias number on sport cricket but besides that also very familiar with other sports. But her main focus lies on sports betting and on the latest bookies to appear on the Indian market. So if you want to grab the latest bonus or freebet stick to her posts.