ODI world cup betting odds

Among the big sports events in the world where people eagerly wait to experience the top notch entertainment and performance, ICC Men’s ODI World Cup is one of them. Initially, this 13th season of the tournament was officially announced to be held between 9th February 2023 to 23rd March 2023, but due to Pandemic, now this league is going to take place from October 2023 to November 2023. Bet on the online betting sites and win the WC promotions and bonus amounts offering by the bookmakers.

Odi cricket world cup

Under the administration of the International Cricket Council, this new edition of the Cricket World Cup will be hosted in India. This league follows the One Day International format with the selection procedure Round-Robin and Knockout. The opening match will be on October 2023 and the final match will be played approximately on 26th of November. Total 10 teams and 48 matches will be played in this edition.

ICC Cricket World Cup betting odds

While playing betting on any of the tournaments or betting sites such as betway, ekbet, bet365 review,  odds play an important role in getting the best results and also for a better betting skills. The higher the odds, the higher the winnings will be! Including this, to know more about the betting odds of the one day international cricket WC, kindly have a look at the following table and choose accordingly:

Winner Outright Odds
Teams dafabet logo 09.10.22 logo betway-10.10.22 Bet365 logo 10.10.22
Australia 2.00 3.80 3.80
New Zealand 3.21 2.15 3.23
England 1.42 1.21 3.24
Pakistan 1.083 2.44 19.00
India 2.15 2.75 9.91
Afghanistan 2.23 2.79 11.10
West Indies 1.083 2.44 19.00
Sri Lanka 1.084 1.13 21.00
South Africa 3.50 3.54 51.00
Bangladesh 2.00 3.80 81.00

The format is very simple as we discussed a total 10 number of teams will participate with the round-robin format on random selected teams. Among those, the top 4 will play the semi finals in the knock out format and winners of these two semi finals will faceoff in the finals to win the 13th edition title of ICC one day international world cup. To know more info on the best WC bonus codes, kindly have a look at our rajbet promo code page.

Betting on Cricket – The best ODI teams

Qualification process will completely depend on the team ranking which plays a key role in this tournament. As per the current team ranking of the score table the top 8 teams will be qualified directly to the world cup and the remaining 2 teams’s selection depends on the WC Qualifier. Kindly have a look at the following table for more information:

ICC ODI world  cup team ranking
Team Matches Weight Points Rating
Englad 27 3226 119
New Zealand 22 2508 114
India 34 3802 112
Pakistan 22 2354 107
Australia 29 3071 106
South Africa 24 2392 100
Bangladesh 30 2753 92
Sri Lanka 29 2658 92
West Indies 41 2092 71
Afghanistan 18 1238 69

These team rankings vary from match to match upon the team result points. The more the points, the higher the rank will be and it is a complete advantage for the squad in the tournament’s progress too.  These metrics can help a betting player to get an idea on the best teams. And, to know the best odds providing by the 10cric India, kindly have a look at our page and also get the ongoing information of the other league/ tournaments informations.

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ODI betting on the best players in World cup

Every match has a player, who will change the complete momentum to their respective team that will lead to a win. Such situations makes a difference between a team member and a performer. In this section the betting players can find the info on the recent odi tournamnets best players and to know the best odds and promotions offering on the WC, take a look at the ekbet bonus page. To know the most valuable players of the recent tournament’s final match, go through the below points:


Best players in recent ODI tournaments
Team Player Title Year
England Ben stokes Man of the tournament 2019
India Rohit Sharma Best Batsman 2019
Australia Mitchel Starc Best bowler 2019
Australia James Faulkner Man of the tournament 2015
India Rohit Sharma Best Batsman 2015
Australia Glenn Mc Grath Best bowler 2003
India M S Dhoni Man of the tournament 2011
India Sachin Tendulkar Best batsman 2011

With many good knocks and efforts, some individual and unbeaten records have been created by these fabulous players and some of them are even impossible to break too. Having said, cricket is a magical sports where miracles do happen and this is one of the main reason where all the fans are looking forward to in the upcoming one day international WC. Best on the best betting apps and bag some huge winnings while enjoying the matches!

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ICC WC cricket match predictions

This International cricket council WC one day international is a huge tournament and all the world wide fans are excited to view this fun thrilled league. As this ODI happens for every four years, the excitement levels up and we are here to provide all the cricket match predictions of this league in our news page. Kindly have a look at it and get all the updates of the ongoing cricket matches and the best odds providing by the Indian bookmakers.