PayPal India – Payment Review

PayPal is a global brand, is one of the widely accepted and trusted e-wallet by the gambling houses. Bookmakers in India even offer free bets in some cases if the first deposit is done through this e-wallet. Paypal is a completely electronic payment storage option. To start transactions with PayPal betting payment method, you need to first create an account.
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Paypal Holdings Inc. is an American company operating as a betting payment methods all around the world. At the International level, the e-wallet operates in 202 markets and has 286 million active, registered accounts. It allows customers to send, receive and hold funds in 25 currencies worldwide.

The services allow people to make financial transactions online by granting the ability to transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses. It is operated in almost 25 currencies around the world.

Although there are many betting sites that accept PayPal method as their e-wallet method around the world. Due to India’s legal trouble, PayPal betting sites don’t encourage betting in India and has been inactive in that zone since the starting.

Betting sites that accept PayPal

PayPal India states itself as The safer, easier way to pay in India and around the world. It gives 180-day buyer protection, one account for India and abroad, through which you can shop locally and globally with just one PayPal account. You can also skip the logins which make check out faster and easier with one touch and you’ll never need to enter your login details again. It gives a worry-free shopping for its users. Users can shop with ease and confidence. Your financial details are never shared and not even with the sellers.

Paypal Betting Sites in India
Founded 1998
Country California, U.S.
Currencies 25
owned by  eBay

Account Registration Process

Paypal account registration can be done by visiting the official website, You need to press on the sign up / register tab and you will be redirected to a page which has two options to choose from. Whether you want a personal account or business account. check our bet365 Paypal payment methods here.

Individual Account

  • The individual account is free and you can shop without a transaction.
  • Your account is secure and safe and you have the privacy of your information.
  • You can shop globally with almost 25 currencies.

transactions through paypal

Business Account

  • No monthly fee, your credit and debit payments are secure.
  • Your buyers don’t need a PayPal account.
  • You will be paid faster, online invoicing and Check out the facility;
  • You can sell securely and you get PayPal seller protection

Step 1: Account information

  • You need to provide your country of residence
  • Your email address
  • Enter a password for the account.

Step 2: Personal Information

  • Country of residence
  • Residential Address
  • City
  • Postal code
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number

PayPal KYC verification

You need to verify your phone number, email address, your bank account. For which you will receive a small deposit of less than 0.50 Euro of two instalments, you need to quote the amount that you received and verify your bank account. You need to then verify your credit card details, you will be in need of mentioning every detail of your card and then confirm your card with a number mentioned from a transaction on your statement from the Paypal who charges 1.5 euro for the transaction from your card.

login with paypal

Once you confirm your money will be back to your account. You will be then redirected to the home page with two options. The users can either be shopping with PayPal or send money via Paypal. So you need to enter your card details, You need to enter your card number, expiration date and cc code and you can edit your billing address there itself.

Once you are done, press the add card tab and its done. as earlier said, There are many betting sites that accept PayPal around the world but Paypal India doesn’t encourage any betting activity through it. But the Indian punters can make a deposit via Paypal to skrill and Paypal to Neteller and can continue gambling or sportsbetting. Paypal doesn’t have any regulation on Paypal to skrill, Paypal to Neteller transfers on whatsoever purpose.

Conclusion – PayPal India Review

Paypal India operates all-around India with just one card. You can shop locally in India and globally in anywhere in the world using just that one card. PayPal India is not ready for encouraging or accepting any kind of sports betting in India through their payment method. It wants to be strict with the rules of RBI and FEMA regulations.

It is only focusing on gaining normal customers who are looking for e-wallet services for utility payments, e-commerce etc. Though they are operating with gambling and betting in most of the countries. For Indian punters, it’s kind of bad news and a waiting time till there is some clarity about the legal status of betting. So our expert team would suggest not to use Paypal services for any kind of betting activities from India, as they are bound to share your details to the government officials as per the regulations.