Skrill India – Payment Review

Skrill betting in India, formerly known as Moneybookers is an e-commerce online payment processing method that is an e-wallet. The E-wallet allows payments and deposits to be made online, with a focus on low-cost international money transfers. It is owned and operated by Skrill Limited. It is regulated by the FCA and licensed to operate with EE Area. Since 2015, skrill betting belongs to Paysafe Group.

Homepage of skrill

Skrill bookmakers payment options in India, It is operated in almost 40 currencies. But the transaction currency has to be the same always. After the first deposit, you can’t change the payment desired currency. They also offer a Debit card facility to its account holders and if the users are frequent in using the transactions through this e-wallet. It also offers a VIP card to its premium customers.

Skrill betting India
Founded 2001
Products e-wallet
Currencies 40
Country Canada
Formed by Paysafe Group

Skrill betting

It is one of the most popular payment methods among the online payment processing e-wallets operating in India. It’s relatively new compared to its competitors market share and establishment if concerned. Skrill broke its way through to become the best online payment method in India, it accepts INR without any currency exchange hassle. For Indian punters,  skrill bookmakers payment options in India has been a boon since they do not have to think about the exchange rates rather they need to concentrate on the upcoming fixtures and how to make their money multiple.

india transfers through skrill

  • It is widely accepted among betting sites in India.
  • Low currency exchange and withdrawal fees are minimal.
  • It accepts accounts with INR currency.

How to open your account?

You need to provide your name, email and password. You can register for an account right away. No information is required by the e-wallet unless you would like to do the deposit or withdrawal through the skrill account.

In case you want to do the signup at once, you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1

You need to first mention for what purpose you are seeking a skrill account. Is it for business or individual purposes? So, in this case, it’s for betting purposes so you need to mention the individual account type. Even though you don’t mention that it is for betting purposes still you need to take up the personal type account. In this, you need to mention your country of residence, currency, Language.

Step 2

You need to mention your email address, date of birth, password to use it for login from next time. You need to provide a captcha code to confirm that you are not a robot. Then press the tab accept and create an account.

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Step 3

You need to provide your first name, last name, country of residence, Phone number for verification and updates purposes.

Step 4

A mail will be sent to your specified email account, confirming the link in the mail would activate your Skrill account through which you can do almost all the transactions without any difficulty. You will be given a customer ID using which you can log in from next time, To Login to your account use the Customer ID and the password that you inserted in step 3.

One more, the final step to the complete process is uploading your photo to the account to verify. The photo would be verified within 5 minutes provided the photo is clear and visible. You need to go to my account and tick in the tab that says ‘ Enable account for gambling’.

The advantages of the skrill are:

  • You can store info on all the credit card and debit cards that you hold securely and safely in one place.
  • Instant deposit, the processing time for your deposit is very less and very fast.
  • High privacy for your personal information, bank details, cards and your privacy is the prime motive for the e-wallet.
  • Low fees for your withdrawal and sub withdrawal options for the customer.


Deposits through Skrill are free of charge, minimum deposit varies with different bookmakers, maximum deposit limit also varies among bookmakers. The skrill transfer time is instant and very swift. Most of the online bookmakers operating in India accept the Payments through this method considering the level of processing it has been the perfect competitor to Neteller. All the deposits to skrill using debit or credit card, bank transfer or for any other will be credited as transfer to a UK company through which you don’t need to face any regulations from RBI. It keeps you safe and secure with the anti-money-laundering risk. The skrill transfer time of your deposit is Instant which is a huge plus.

skrill deposit

The users can deposit to skrill account with bank transfer, with which they can send to all local and international banks, bank transfer must be done from a bank held on their name. But the processing time might take 2-5 days depending on the public holidays and weekends. They can also use their debit/credit card, the deposit methods are accepted worldwide. They are instant and the charges are minimal, although they need to provide KYC verification to do this way.

Skrill support Postepay, maestro, Laser, Visa, Mastercard etc. But the card should not be linked to any virtual account. You can not deposit with PAYTM, to do with PAYTM you need to first send the money to Neteller and then from Neteller to skrill. It might take some hours as you need to send money to Neteller and money should be then sent to this payment method. The processing time may vary.

Features – Deposit

  • The deposit is free of charge for all the bookmakers.
  • The minimum deposit is very minimal like 100INR to a maximum deposit of no limit for most of the bookmakers. It might change for the premium and VIP users.
  • Skrill transfer time for the deposits is instant and it doesn’t take any time for the funds to be transferred to your account.
Skrill Deposits
Bookmaker Charge Minimum Maximum Duration
Bet365 Free 350Rs Rs 2000000 Instant
1xBet Free 1€/INR Instant
Betwinner Free 1€/INR Instant
Dafabet Free  15$/INR 100000$/INR Instant

*INR – equivalent amount in rupees


Skrill provides almost all types of withdrawal options, you can withdraw through your debit or credit card, you can withdraw through your bank transfer, you can withdraw through sending it to Neteller or other e-wallets, you can withdraw through other means of all online payment gateways.

In India, due to the RBI guidelines and restrictions on money laundering practices. You cannot spend money more than a specified limit out of the country, likewise, you need to show the source of funds if you receive anything to your bank account from e-wallets if the government audits the transactions. The skrill withdrawal time is mostly instant up to 15mins other than bank transfers.

skrill withdrawals

In that case, you just have an option of sending the amount to Neteller and from there you can send it to your concerned account or use the amount for something else. With skrill, you can maybe purchase online or swipe the skrill debit card with some specified stores mentioned on the skrill website, through that there will not be any regulations. It’s better not to send it to your debit card or credit card or direct bank transfer to keep you safe from the government audits. You will also be in question of the source of funds as mentioned earlier.

Features – Withdrawal

  • The withdrawal limit is free of charge for almost all the top online bookmakers.
  • Skrill minimum withdrawal changes from bookmaker to bookmaker depending on the payment method of the user.
  • The skrill withdrawal time depends on the payment gateway used by the user.
  • Most of them are not instant. It might take some days.
Skrill Withdrawals
Bookmaker Charge Minimum Maximum Duration
Bet365 Free Rs 350 Rs 2000000 a few mins
1xBet Free 1.5€/INR* 15mins
Betwinner Free 1.5€/ INR* 15mins
Dafabet Free 15$/INR 15mins

*INR – equivalent amount in rupees


It is operated by the Paysafe Group, which owns Neteller as well. Though it has been the perfect competitor to its company wallet. Since PayPal is not focused on the gambling share from India and also it is mostly working under the guidelines of RBI it doesn’t want to get into the legal issues with restricted activities. So, Skrill took its place through instant fund transfers, free of charge transactions, secure and safe transactions.

Skrill India has been in operations since the early 2000s and has surpassed many of its senior competitors in the e-wallet market. It is accepted in most of the gambling markets and almost all the bookmakers are happy with operations through Skrill due to its confidential working routine. This has been in the limelight since the recent scenario after 2011 RBI restrictions in India. Skrill India started to target the Indian betting market and has acquired a large share of it.